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Adaptive Learning: Advancing Educational Innovation  Adaptive is the key concept to the implementation of strategies in UCYP particularly in  Academic Excellence, Teaching & Learning, Research, Innovation & Consultancy, Physical & Intellectual Infrastructure, Student Enrolment, Internationalisation, Staff Development, Community Engagement, Industry Engagement, Branding & Marketing and Alumni Network.  Unlike the institutional change which only focuses on the relationship between schools and their cultural environments, an adaptive institution is able to drive the institution to a direction that maintains and improves the institute to its desired state (Hughes, 2018). An adaptive institute includes participatory, inclusiveness, integrity, risk tolerance, flexibility, legitimacy, accountability, diversity, creativity, iterative, learning, autonomous, resourcefulness, self-assessing, collaborative, transparency and reflexive that should be integrated with the broader process of exposure (Koontz et. al, 2015). According to Pahl and Wostl (2009), being able to cope with multiple objectives inherent in a social-ecological system is also among the traits of an adaptive institution. The features demonstrated by an Adaptive University are relevant to the present demands of education transformation.

Another concept embraced by UCYP apart from an adaptive institution (that consequently leads to an adaptive learning) is innovation. Innovation is one of the essential demands in the Education Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0). “Education 4.0 will be shaped by innovations and will indeed have to train students to produce innovations”, (Haseeb, 2018).

It has been proven in numerous studies that creativity and innovation drive progress and allow organizations to maintain competitive advantage (Anderson, De Dreu, & Nijstad, 2004; Zhou & Shalley, 2003 cited in Hughes, 2018). In the era of IR 4.0, jobs that require creativity and innovation are likely to stay. Irrespective of discipline, Education 4.0 must be able to produce highly creative and innovative graduates with the ability to think critically. Thus, UCYP is moulding graduates with critical skills in order to face the challenges in the future.  Graduates must be innovative and have cognitive flexibility to deal with complexity. This is due to the fact that, later, many of them will be co-working not only with man, but also machines. In reference to that, in order to produce innovative graduates, innovative concept is the next crucial element implemented by the university.

All in all, the elements of adaptive and innovation create ways to the Adaptive Learning: Advancing Educational Innovation. Both elements become the whole concept of the university or rather the soul of the University College of Yayasan Pahang.

Vision Statement

UCYP – An Adaptive University

Mission Statements

To inspire next generation of innovators

To enhance future learning

To establish adaptive research

To develop global mindset

To create technology savvy graduates

To advance societal wellbeing

Convocation 2018


UCYP and JobsMalaysia : Future Career Design 2019

UCYP and JobsMalaysia : Future Career Design 2019

On 2nd March 2019, University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP) in collaboration with JobsMalaysia, has successfully organised a program called Future Career Design (FCD) 2019 at Yayasan Pahang
UCYP and UNP Unite For International Conference  on Islam & Higher Education

UCYP and UNP Unite For International Conference on Islam & Higher Education

The 5th International Conference on Islam and Higher Education (ICIHE) was successfully organised by University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP) and Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Padang Indonesia. The
2ND Intellectual Discourse: Challenges of Sustainable Environmental Development and Role of University

2ND Intellectual Discourse: Challenges of Sustainable Environmental Development and Role of University

The second UCYP Intellectual Discourse  was organised on 22nd January 2019. Taking place at Level 3, Mini Auditorium UCYP, the talk was participated by the institutions and organizations
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