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YH  Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Ahmad B. Hj. Zainuddin

University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP) has shown a tremendous improvement as a higher learning institution since it was established in 1992. From a college that offered professional and skills courses, now UCYP is offering more than twenty (20) competitive and market-driven courses inclusive of internal programmes and other collaborative programmes with both local and international universities.

A strong governance structure is a backbone to a strong university. The university is inculcating and practicing positive values in strategizing and executing roles and responsibilities. The transmission is done via a ‘Quick Wins’ approach that promotes visible, beneficial, immediate yet impactful results.  Rigorous activities involved will be research development, academic programs of a wide range and levels as well as smart collaboration with industries.

Vision Statement

Internationalizing the society.

Mission Statements

To develop a leading multi-racial and multi national Higher Learning Institution in the South East Asia region

Seminar on Development of Indigenous Civilization (Orang Asli)

Convocation 2018

5th International Conference on Islam and Higher Education- ICIHE 2019


Latest Posts

Deepavali Festival Celebration

Deepavali Festival Celebration

The Festival of Lights or best known as Deepavali is a celebration of new beginnings and the triumph of good over the evil and light over the darkness.
UCYP Won Gold Medal for Ping Pong (Women’s Singles) SUMZOT 2018

UCYP Won Gold Medal for Ping Pong (Women’s Singles) SUMZOT 2018

A four-day tournament was organized by Majlis Sukan IPTS Malaysia (MASISWA) in collaboration with Kolej Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail Petra (KIAS) starting from 1st November 2018 until 4th
Excellence Students Award Ceremony with UTM Collaboration College

Excellence Students Award Ceremony with UTM Collaboration College

Representatives from the collaboration colleges with UTM were invited to enliven the   “Majlis Anugerah Graduan Cemerlang Program Kerjasama Sempena Konvokesyen Ke 61 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia” where the excellent
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