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Kolej Yayasan Pahang (KYP) – The Landmark In Education

Kuantan – Kolej Yayasan Pahang (KYP) was launched on January 26, 2016 at the Pahang State Foundation Complex, officiated by the Chief Minister of Pahang, Dato’ Sri DiRaja Haji Adnan Bin Haji Yaakob.

Along with that, Kolej Yayasan Pahang also introduced the Smart Tahfiz program, which was established exactly a year ago.

“The rebranding effort is a right move in line with the mission of the state government in assisting its citizens, where the state government has allocated almost 1.2 billion for education,” said the Pahang Chief MInister.

During the event, Encik Kaszaki Bin Muhid was awarded the best logo inventor for KYP and he won cash prize, a plaque, and a certificate of appreciation. The other eleven inventors were also given due appreciation for their effort. The logo based on the merged letters of ‘Y’ and ‘P’ represent the Pahang State Foundation in Bahasa Malaysia. This symbol also depicts the image of an open pile of books that represents knowledge, teaching and learning, which is the core objective of KYP. This is in line with the main objective of the Pahang State Foundation, which aims to offer education opportunities to all.

The motto of Vibrant and Competent of Kolej Yayasan Pahang will spur the college on to improve its teaching and learning facilities. Plans to build a campus worth RM30 million on top of the current hostel facilities will be able to house up to 1000 students at any one time.

In response to the call of the Ministry of Higher Learning for a collaboration between institutions of higher learning and industries, the Managing Director of KYP, Encik Norhishamuddin Yaacob, said that a special department will be established where there are three main units – the Research and Development unit, the Career Placement unit and the Strategic Planning unit – all working towards the said goal.

In closing, the Pahang Chief Minister also urged KYP to continue in the effort of transformation and adjustments in facing the current global economic, advanced technology and competitive challenges that are to come.

Written by Afizul Ariff Azmal (KYP Journalism Internship) 
Translated by Christle Leong

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