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Congrats and Farewell to KYP-Yarmouk Students

On the 17th and 18th of August, Academy of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (AISAL) in collaboration with the office of The Vice President of Industry Relations & Research Development  (VPIRD) had organised a Symposium Mini Colloquium 2017 event with the theme being “Advancing and Empowering Young Researchers” for the final year students of the Bachelor of Sharia (Economic and Islamic Banking) for the Kolej Yayasan Pahang and Yarmouk University program.

In conjunction with the event, which took place at Kolej Yayasan Pahang (KYP), Yayasan Pahang Complex, a farewell party was organized to students who had completed their study in KYP. The students will be furthering their study for another two years in Yarmouk University as well as the concession of their final examination result for semester four (Feb – May 2017 session).

The Mini Colloquium that aimed to train students to produce a good research proposal has obtained positive responses from all students who took part in the presentation. One of the participants, Ifwat Syamim stated that this program aided him as he experienced the amusement and high motivation of writing a research proposal. He also recommended this program to be persisted with and extended to involve students from other programs in KYP. Sharifah Fatimah, another student of KYP-Yarmouk expressed that doing a research proposal during semester break can be very beneficial as it brought her skills of writing to another level. Ahmad Amzar on the other hand claimed that the hardship they went through in completing their research proposal was a tough time for him. Nevertheless, he agreed that it gave him more knowledge in preparing a good research proposal. The majority of symposium Mini Colloquium 2017 participants concurred that the Research Methodology class had better be particularised systematically as to make it easier for the students to comprehend their work in a research proposal.

Symposium Mini Colloquium 2017 chaired by Nurzetti Imilia was judged by eight panels of judges consisting of lecturers from KYP. They were Dr. Azhar bin Jaafar, Ustaz Aziz bin Ramli, Puan Maslina binti Masri, Ustaz Firdaus bin Shahidin, Ustaz Ahmad Fared bin Mohd Din, Dr. Al-Meqdad Ali Ahmed Al-Shami, Puan Hartinie binti Abd Aziz, and Dr. Ema Nur Maya. Most judges gave constructive criticism and comments towards the students on chapter three that focuses on research methodology since they still have more to learn of this chapter to improve the quality of their research proposal writing. As claimed by the students’ supervisor and the program director, Ahmad Shahnun bin Ibrahim, the short time limit was the only barrier for him to conduct a distinct class for Research Methodology. However, he was assured that his remarkable students did at least gain valuable experience in preparing the research proposal along the right lines. Dr. Azhar, one of the judges of the event said that, in future, Symposium Mini Colloquium will be opened to students of Diploma and Degree program from institutions all over Pahang to expose them to the real concept of conference papers and proposal defense.

The presentation by Adam bin Shahrizal got attention from the juries with its topic ‘Cryptocurrency in Islamic Finance’ that discussed in detail the theory of Bitcoin from Islamic point of view. Nonetheless, Aiman Syakir bin Isa with his presentation entitled ‘Al-Bay Bithaman Ajil (BBA) Financing: Effects on Islamic Banking Profitability’ won the best presenter award for his nonchalant and casual approach of presentation.

Symposium Mini Colloquium 2017 closed with the conferring of the Best Paper Award to Nur Nazira Ila binti Mohd Nazri Ismaili for her proposal entitled ‘Islamic Financial System and its implementation in Malaysia’ and the Best Student Award for KYP-Yarmouk program to Muhammad Hazwan bin Nor Azmi. He broke the students record of the former 10 batches with his highest achievement of 91.20%; a record previously held by Khunnais Humaira’ binti Azizin. Congratulation to him!! Besides that, the closing ceremony of Symposium Mini Colloquium 2017 was completed with the congratulatory speech of four other students who received their Mumtaz result. They are Ahmad Amzar bin Azhar, Nurul Shahira binti Radzuan, Mohamad Syauqi bin Fauzi and Muhammad Syakir Fariduddin bin Shukran.

The event was wrapped up with a speech from Ustaz Kamel Agrebi, who was seen to shed some tears while saying his farewell to the students of KYP-Yarmouk program. According to him, time passed so quickly that it felt like yesterday he first saw the students on registration day; and now it’s time for them to leave and finish the remaining two years of studies in Jordan.  He also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the VPIRD, Dr. Hafizan binti Mat Som for cooperating and co-organising the Symposium Mini Colloquium 2017 in celebrating the students of AISAL; which was surely an honour for AISAL itself.

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