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Da’wah Maulid – Remembering the Prophet

Da’wah Maulid program was held at Kompleks Sukan Pahang (SUKPA) in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul. The program was a collaboration between Kolej Yayasan Pahang (KYP) and Pahang state government. The objectives of the program are to increase the love and affection of the Muslim community to Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., to remember and learn through his sacrifices, to strengthen the ukhuwwah between Muslim communities especially in Pahang, and also to pray for the stability and prosperity of the country.


The speakers of the programs were well-known religious teachers. They were Ustaz Uwais Al Qarni Abdul Wahab, Principal of Ribat Az Zahra & Ribat Mustafa Learning Center, Fadhilatu Al-Sheikh Dr. Omar Baghooth, a preacher from Yaman, Syeikh Musthofa Ahmad Az-Zaidan, Teacher of Ribat Mustafa, and Al-Fadhil Tuan Guru Hj Mohd Hafidz Hj Selamat, Founder / Mudir, Madrasah Islamiah Al-Jenderami.

Chairman of State Islamic Dakwah and Special Duties Committee, YB Dato’ Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad, stated that the program received a really good feedback from the audience. The audience comes from various state departments, students from local higher education, schools as well as the community around.

“The purpose of the program is to attract the society to know more about Nabi Muhammad SAW as well as understand about the meaning of Maulidur Rasul. Apart from that, we also want to strengthen the unity among the community, despite the differences,” said Dato’ Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad.

The program was also attended by YB Dato’ Sri Dr Abdul Rahman Othman, Pahang Mufti, YH Dato’ Norhishamuddin Yaacob, KYP Managing Director, YH Dato Dr Syed Salleh Bin Syed Yusoff AzZawawi, Ahli Pangkuan Negeri Terengganu, and YH Dato’ Haji Nazari Bin Yunus, General Manager, Amanah Saham Pahang Bhd.

There were approximately 2000 people that attended the Dakwah Maulid program. Dato’ Syed Ibrahim said that the speaker delivered a good speech and given better understanding on the concept of da’wah to the audience.

“Unity should be prioritized. This is because unity will help us to maintain the peacefulness of our beloved country. Therefore, I urge everyone to remember what we have listened today from the respected speakers,” said Dato’ Syed Ibrahim at the end of his speech.

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