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INSTITUTIONAL TRANSFORMATION University College of Yayasan Pahang

University College is the status that KYP aimed before the end of 2017. Praise to Allah the Almighty, Kolej Yayasaan Pahang has obtained an approval from the Ministry of Higher Education to be a University College.

To share the good news, a gathering with KYP Managing Director, YH Dato’ Norhishamuddin Yaacob was held at Yayasan Pahang Complex.  The gathering was attended by all staff from KYP Education and KYP Advanced Skills.

“Alhamdulillah, our application to be upgraded to a University College has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in September 2017. However, there are a lot more to do to become the leading multi-ethnic and multi-cultural college university. Having that in mind, there are needs for restructuring. I have seen a lot of potential staff in our organization. The restructuring practice enables the organization to utilize their potential to the fullest and more quality outcome can be produced,” said YH Dato’ Norhishamuddin Yaacob.

In addition, he also emphasizes on the four main pillars that a successful organization should hold on to. The pillars are multi-ethnic plus multi-national that will create diversity and lead to quality. As a result, the organization is prone towards profit gaining. “Now we have more than 3000 students. And by Allah wills, the numbers will increase each year. Hence, we have to be prepared,” added him.

Apart from that, Dato Norhishamuddin Yaacob also announced a health insurance plan that is provided to all staff. The plan, Group Hospitalization & Surgical Care serves for the staff health care up to RM50,000. “The staff welfare is always the priority of the company. I believe that a happy staff will lead to a productive and profitable company. Therefore, I hope this plan will allow them to get better health care and become more motivated to serve for the company,” added Dato’ Hishamuddin.

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