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Intellect Carnival 2017

In conjunction with Malaysia 60th Independence Day and Malaysia Day, KYP Students Development Center (SDC) has organized an Intellect Carnival 2017. The carnival was held on 8th, 11th, and 12th September 2017 at KYP Residential College, Tanjung Lumpur.

The objectives of the Intellect Carnival are to nurture the spirit of patriotism and unity among students, as well as to uphold the Malaysian culture. A lot of activities for the students were held during the carnival, such as Debate Competition, Pantomime Competition, Pantun & Speech Competition, and Merdeka Singing Competition.

The closing ceremony of Intellect Carnival 2017 was conducted on 12th September 2017 at KYP Residential College, Tanjung Lumpur. The ceremony started with an opening formation by Askar Wataniah 505 KYP Club followed by the closing speech by YH Dato’ Norhishamuddin Yaacob, KYP Managing Director. Askar Wataniah 505 KYP Club has a total number of 100 students joined. Thirteen (13) of them have managed to be recruited and nine (9) of them have successfully completed a one month recruitment course and received a private soldier ranks or known as Pranita.

“I was really impressed with Askar Wataniah 505 KYP Club just now. They were good and hopefully the numbers of students joined will increase,” said Dato’ Hishamuddin. He also emphasized on the importance of English usage among students. “We are an English medium college and soon we will be a University College. Therefore I urge every student to communicate in English. This carnival is a great platform for you. Entering the activities like debate, speech, and pantun will help you to increase your confidence level as well as your communication skills,” said Dato’ Norhishamuddin. Apart from that, Dato’ Hishamudin also encouraged the students to be the best in every aspects, not only for the college, but also for themselves. “We want to be the best among the best. Just like our tagline, Pearl of the East, the best in the East Coast,” added him.

The closing ceremony ended with a certificate giving to the nine (9) students who received the private soldier ranks (Pranita), followed by a prize giving ceremony to the winners of the competitions.

List of Winners

Merdeka Singing Competition

First                  :           Faculty of Business Management (FBM)

Mohamad Firdaus Bin Mohd Sapiee

Firsairol Bin Azahari

Firzaiman Bin Azahari

Khaeryl Idham Bin Khairul Nizam


Second              :           Faculty of Creative Arts, Heritage & Tourism (FCAHT)

Nur Farisya Diyana Binti Mohd Farriz


Third                 :           Faculty of Agro-Biotechnology (FAB)

Muhammad Amierul Daniel Bin Adnan

Amirul Ikhwan


Speech Competition

First                  : Faculty of Industrial and Technology Management (FITM)

Nithyashini A/P Sundar


Second               : Faculty of Industrial and Technology Management (FITM)

Mogana Ram A/L Krishnamoorthy


Third                 : Faculty of Creative Arts, Heritage & Tourism (FCAHT)

Nur Damia Qistina Binti Rohezat


Debate Competition

First                  : Faculty of Business Management (FBM)

Nik Mohammad Aqmal Bin Nik Mohammad

Mohamad Amirul Amrin Bin Mohd Othman

Mohamad Hafiz Haikal Bin Huzairi

Nurul Aishah Binti Haji Sulaiman


Second :           Faculty of Agro-Biotechnology (FAB)

Muhamad Farhan Ikhwan Bin Abdul Razak

Muhammad Muhibbudin Bin Badardin

Amirul Ikhwan

Mohd Norman


Third                 : Smart Tahfiz

Nazurah Huda Binti Che Parizan

Muhammad Rafiqi Bin Azhar

Mohamad Idris Bin Mohd


Pantomime Competition

First                  :           Faculty of Agro-Biotechnology

Second             :           Faculty of Business Management

Third                 :           Centre of General Studies


Pantun Competition

First                  :           Faculty of Technology Management (FITM)

Nur Hasanul Najihah Binti Mohd Shahrunnizam

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