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KYP & Merdeka Day Celebration 2017 #sehatisejiwa

Malaysia is celebrating its 60th independence day on 31st August 2017. This year theme, sehati sejiwa highlights the idea of unity among Malaysians. Despite of the differences, Malaysians live in harmony. In other words, unity is the pillar of strength for our country, Malaysia.

In conjunction with the 60th Independence Day, Kolej Yayasan Pahang held a program, KYP & Merdeka Day Celebration on 25th August 2017 at KYP Residential College, Tg Lumpur. The program was organized by the Vice President of Academic Office, Students Development Centre and Corporate Communication & International Liaison Department. The program that was attended by KYP staff and students was celebrated lively and meaningfully.

There were many activities conducted in order to instill Merdeka spirit among KYP community. To illustrate, the Merdeka Photography and Poster Contests allow the students to express their spirit of Merdeka through visuals. Other than that, they were also traditional food exhibition by Diploma in Tourism Management students. The exhibition displayed traditional food of three (3) main races in Malaysia which are Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Apart from KYP students who participated in Merdeka Poster & Photo contests and multiracial food exhibition, there were also participation from little kids of KYP Cilik Pintar Kindergarten who performed Malaysians costume show and merdeka songs.  Their adorable and charming presence and appearances have caught the audience attention. Not only that, there were also performances entitled I Choose Malaysia from KYP students of different courses and races.  The unique combination reflects the beauty of diversity in Kolej Yayasan Pahang.

“Unity in diversity has been the strength and important pillar for Malaysia, a multiracial nation. Tolerance and acceptance are two important elements in order to ensure peace and harmony of the country could be sustained. Therefore I urge everyone, staff and students, to always maintain the harmonious and peaceful community that we have, despite the differences,” said Dato’ Hishamuddin Yaacob.

Apart from that, KYP has also steered a campaign – 1 flag 1 staff to engage participation from the staff. The campaign was successfully conducted and numbers of flags received.

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