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Launching Ceremony of Smart Tahfiz Academy and Farewell to Smart Tahfiz Last Semester Students

The launching ceremony was organized as to officiate the Smart Tahfiz Academy as well as to honour the final semester students of Smart Tahfiz program who had just completed their SPM examination on the 21st November 2017.Around 160 guests attended the event including parents and 48 students of Smart Tahfiz program. Apart from the General Manager of Yayasan Pahang, Yang Hormat Dato’ Mahmud bin Hj. Nawawi, also present were Yang Hormat Dato’ Nor Hishamuddin bin Yaacob, Managing Director of Kolej Yayasan Pahang as well as the top management of Yayasan Pahang, Kolej Yayasan Pahang and Maahad Tahfiz Negeri Pahang.

The launching ceremony of Smart Tahfiz Academy was officiated by YH Dato’ Mahmud bin Nawawi, the General Manager of Yayasan Pahang. In his speech, he highlighted the Islamic City in Penor, Pahang – another project by Yayasan Pahang – on approximately 1000 acres land. Such development can contribute towards the emergence, growth and expansion of Islamic institutions and centres such as Islamic Kindergarten, Islamic Primary School, PETAMA Program (Islamic program for indigenous) as well as Smart Tahfiz Academy.

In a meantime, the founder of Smart Tahfiz Academy, YH Dato’ Norhishamuddin Yaacob, emphasized that the main focus of the program is not solely to produce a Hafeez but also to develop individuals of different disciplines and professions such as in the field of finance, education, culinary, engineering, or administration with an extra quality as the Hafeez Quran. The principal of Smart Tahfiz Academy, Tuan Haji Abdul Manaf bin Haji Hassan also expressed his utmost appreciation to Yayasan Pahang for their kind contribution of almost RM200,000 for the academy fund.

In conjunction with the launching ceremony, Smart Tahfiz students with excellent academic and co- curriculum were awarded in several categories. Fauzi Zaki bin Zailani who achieved 6As in SPM trial examination received the best academic student award, while best co-curriculum student award went to Muhammad Ali Hakimi bin Mazlan who actively participated in the Quran Hafazan competition, Qasidah, and Nasyeed performance at the state level. According to one of the students from the program, Mastika Ta’ibah binti Zakaria, her experience in Smart Tahfiz did not only teach her to improve her Hafazan, but also provided her the opportunity to learn the mainstream subjects, different from her former Madrasah that focuses only on memorization. A friend of hers, Wan Mohammad Haziq also expressed his feelings of sadness leaving the place after his one and a half year at the institution as it has become his second home.

After the award giving ceremony, the honourable guests were invited to visit the Smart Tahfiz learning centre ushered by the Principal of Smart Tahfiz. Guests especially the parents got to visit the conducive and comfortable classroom, spacious dormitory, management office, and students dining hall. Majority of the guests gave good reviews as most parents are glad that their kids got the opportunity to be involved in a program that did not just focus on memorisation of Quran, but also academic subjects as in other day schools. One of the tutors, Ustaz Muhammad Aiman Farid bin Abdul Razak also expressed his reluctance to leave the learning centre for his two years of blood, sweat, and tears to make the program of Smart Tahfiz a reality. After accepting the offer as a Tahfiz teacher in SMAP Bentong, he finally had to say goodbye to his dear students at Smart Tahfiz. Two more students, Syed Zhariff, and Suhaila Salwa had also expressed their gratitude to several instructors in Smart Tahfiz and their hesitancy to leave the place as it is one of the most memorable experience in their lives. With tears running down their face, they hope for a homecoming in future, no longer as a student but an individual who will uphold and support the development and establishment of Smart Tahfiz on a bigger scale in the time to come.

The event ended with a scrumptious treat of lunch with Grilled Lamb and Arabic rice on its menu, along with nasheed performance from the students. Everyone was contented with the exclusive treat by the Smart Tahfiz management, and may the program be continuously improved in future with His blessings, InsyaAllah.

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