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In a blink of an eye, the first month of 2018 has flown away.  Thanks to Allah S.W.T, the application to become a University College has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. Kolej Yayasan Pahang is soon to be known as University College of YAYASAN Pahang (UCYP).

As a new year and a new status soon to achieve, YH Dato’ Norhishamuddin Yaacob, KYP Managing Director, conveyed his mandate with a very high hope to all the staff.

The gathering with the Managing Director was conducted at Main Hall, KYP Indera Mahkota Campus. The gathering that was held on 9th February 2018 was attended by staff from KYP Education as well as KYP Advanced Skills to hear the mandate by YH Dato’ Norhishamudd nin.

 “I was so happy with our achievement last year. Our students enrollment has increased where we managed to get 1088 students! That was a big number, and I would like to thank everyone for your hard work. A special thanks to our Marketing Department, that went all out to find students. Apart from achieving a University College status, we also have achieved 5 stars for My Quest Rating. Congratulations to the Quality Management & Accreditation department for the new My Quest rating,” said Dato’ Norhishamuddin.

After the New Year message from the Managing Director, the program continues with the presentation of MD Initiative Award and MD Appreciation Award. MD Initiative Awards were presented to the Quality Management & Accreditation Department for their outstanding Achievement in Quality Recognition and Certification. There are four (4) recipients for MD Initiative Award and nineteen (19) recipients for MD Appreciation Award.

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