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Softskills Module 3 – Generating Quality Graduates

On 20th January 2018, Students Development Center (SDC) has conducted the third module of Softskills that is Human Development that took place at A1 & A2, KYP   Residential College, Tanjung Lumpur.

Hundred and twenty (120) students participated in the four-hour program that started at 8 a.m. Module 3 – Human Development is meant to equip the students with a clear vision about their target in life hence, building up their potentials. Apart from that, another important element highlighted in the module is the Holy Quran way of life (Muslim students).

Among the activities carried out on that day was LDK Sessions with qualified facilitators among the Student Development Center (SDC) Staff as well as a meaningful Talk Session with the KYP Counselor, Puan Norhidayah Binti Mohd Ibrahim. Based on the survey done, most of the students enjoyed the contents of the program and they found that activities conducted are very helpful and beneficial for them. The positive feedbacks and responses from the participants suggest the fact that the program on Module 3 – Human Development introduced by the SDC is a meaningful and successful program.  It is hoped that such program prepared for KYP students by the Students Development Centre is able to mould and generate more quality graduates.

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