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On 15th March 2018, the most awaited moment for Sijl Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates has arrived. That includes the Huffaz Ilmuan students of KYP Smart Tahfiz program. Huffaz Ilmuan program is a fast track program where the students were prepared for sixteen (16) months before taking the SPM.

Thanks to the Almighty, the Huffaz Ilmuan SPM candidates for 2017 showed a remarkable achievement where their GPS for 2017 was 4.35 as compared to 5.87 for the previous year. It is a very encouraging improvement as the program is new and requires more efforts so that the Smart Tahfiz Academy gains more achievements in the coming years.

 The star of the day was Fauzi Zaki bin Zailani where he received straight A’s in all subjects and was announced as the best student for SPM 2017. Apart from that, the 21-year-old boy was also a Huffaz where he had memorized all 30 juzuk of AL Quran.

 “Focus in the classroom, sharing knowledge, asking questions are the key to my success. Besides, I always ensure myself to sleep and wake up early so that I can perform Tahajjud, recites Al Quran as well as do my revision,” said Fauzi.

 “I am so proud of him. We are so proud of his success. Hopefully he will achieve all his dreams,” said En Zailani Abd Aziz, Fauzi’s father after looking at her son’s result. Her mother also thanked the teachers and management of Smart Tahfiz Academy, and wished that he will be an example, not only for his siblings, but also for the 2018 SPM candidates.

 Most of the Huffaz Ilmuan students do not have the academic background like regular government schools students. All of them are from madrasah and were exposed to more Islamic studies rather that secondary and primary school curriculum.  Therefore, their achievements in SPM 2017 is an impressive remark due to sixteen (16) months preparations that they received. Eighteen (18) of the candidates are the huffaz as they successfully memorizing all thirty (30) juzuk of Al Quran.

 KYP and the Smart Tahfiz Academy management would like to congratulate all the Huffaz Ilmuan students for their outstanding achievement in SPM 2017.

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