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UCYP Talk on Employee Healthcare and Welfare

A talk on employees’ healthcare and welfare was held on 6th December 2018 at Yayasan Pahang Complex Main Hall organised by UCYP Human Resource Department. The program aims to equip UCYP employees with the information on the importance of self-care and the maintenance of a healthy living. Among the audience present are UCYP academic and non-academic staffs.

The talk started with an introductory session from EtiQa Insurance. The speaker YBhg Encik Aqmad Zulhilmi Hamzah, the Account Manager Cooperative Business of EtiQa Insurance explained the procedures of emergencies such as accidents and deaths. Handling a discharging process at a panel hospital may be time consuming. Pertaining to the issue, the speaker explained the factors affecting the issue and tips to avoid getting discharged later than usual. Q&A session signaled the closure of the session which received a great attention from the audience. Questions regarding claims and incidents coverage are among those asked by the staff.

A slot with IIUM Medical Specialist Centre followed next. The talk by YBhg Puan Masniza Zahari introduced the newly established panel hospital IIUM Medical Specialist Center (IIUMMSC) is a private hospital under the surveillance of IIUM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. The session is then continued with the ‘Healthy Eating’ slide presentation by YBhg Dr. Madihah Mazlan. Healthy Eating slot exposes the staff on the causes and effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. “78% out of 3000 volunteers in the United States managed to maintain a healthy diet with the constant intake of breakfast on a daily basis”, said Dr. Madihah during her talk. Dr. Madihah highlighted the importance of taking breakfast every day as it is crucial for the well-beings of the consumers.

Majlis Kanser Nasional or best known as MAKNA also took a slot out of the many sessions of the event. The talk aims to create awareness in the minds of the audience in which cancer is very common among Malaysians. The speaker, YBhg Encik Roslan bin Ahmad shared a story of his own whom had lost a beloved wife due to ovarian cancer. This approach has left an impact to the staffs and lecturers. “Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in Malaysia”, said YBhg. Encik Roslan. Cancer can never be cured but appears as a relapse when we least expect it. Tips on cancer preventions are shared at the end of the session. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

A talk by Bank Islam representative marks the end of the event. The focus of the session is on voice phishing or scammer. A majority number of the victims to a scamming case are not well-exposed to the issue. The ignorance of the victims towards the form of crime has led to the increase of the case throughout the year due to the factor that many are still not aware of the probability to get scammed.

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