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iDEAS 18 : Moulding Students Towards Design & Client Centric Approach

iDEAS 18, a Diploma Showcase organised by Faculty of Creative Arts, Heritage & Tourism under the supervision of UiTM and KYP  took place at Serambi Teruntum, Tanjong Lumpur, Kuantan.  The showcase is held for two (2) consecutive days starting from 2nd January 2019 until 3rd January 2019. More than ten (10) students from Faculty  of Creative Arts, Heritage & Tourism are among the final year students of Diploma Graphic & Media Digital, UiTM who completed the course.

Starting with a welcoming speech from UCYP Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad bin Haji Zainuddin talks about the differences between design-centric and clients-centric approaches.  Design-centric teaches students to empathize with end users and gather information from different points of view that can be used to drive design whereas client-centric approach is focusing more on creating a positive experience for the clients. “A designer should have a disruptive mind”, highlights Prof. Dr. Ahmad in his speech. Disruptive by means for the students to foresee the issues they face in a different way and to be more abstract with the items they play.

Among the occasion for the day includes awards’ giving for the students. Two awards are among the focus during the ceremony. This includes the Dean’s Special Award won by Nur Athirah bt. Mohd. Zainuddin and Best Student Award won by Nur Afifah bt. Abdul Rahman. The awards are given to encourage students into aiming to be the best at the said field of studies.

The showcase is a platform for the students to apply the specific processes on approaching design problems, boosts students’ technical skills and creative attitudes apart from exposing them to the thorough preparation of a well-planned design portfolio to meet the industry challenge. Apart from that, students could also respond and interact with the surrounding to develop new ways of seeing, interpreting and communicating with people. The showcase is an exposure of the situation students might encounter in the working world.

UCYP Vice Chancellor Prof.  Dato’ Dr. Ahmad visiting the booths exhibition at the foyer of Serambi Teruntum

UCYP Vice Chancellor Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad bin Haji Zainuddin with the recipient of Dean’s Special Award, Nur Atirah bt. Mohd. Zainuddin

UCYP Vice Chancellor Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ahmad bin Haji Zainuddin with The Best Student Award winner, Nur Afifah bt. Abdul Rahman

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