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Moving Forward 4.0 & UCYP- Forest Interactive MoU

As we are moving along with the development of Industrial Revolution 4.0 where Internet of Things (IoT) as well as massive data creation play significant roles in Education, the need for a big data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become inevitable. Looking into the importance of gathering knowledge upon the issue, UCYP Faculty of Industrial and Technology Management has successfully organised a seminar on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence on Tuesday 8th January 2019 from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm at the Main Hall of Yayasan Pahang Complex, Kuantan.

The seminar was participated by 300 participants from Kuantan area. Among the participants were students and staff of local IPTS and industries from IT-related companies. UCYP Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Ahmad bin Haji Zainuddin, officiated the seminar with a speech on the insight of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The first speaker Encik Rizal Amir, Head of Technology Development Department of Forest Interactive, delivered a talk on Big Data’s trends and issues. Prof Madya Dr. Masnizah Mohd, from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia was the second speaker who exposed the audience to future growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The seminar was then continued with an interactive Q& A session between both participants and the speakers.

Following the talk session, a MoU signing ceremony between Forest Interactive and UCYP took place. This marks the starting of an industrial collaboration between the two organizations, driving both UCYP and its industrial partner towards the pursuit of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Higher Education 4.0.

UCYP Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Haji Zainuddin’s welcoming speech on the seminar.

Encik Rizal Amir on his talk regarding the trends and issues of Big Data

Prof Madya Dr. Masnizah Mohd, explaining the future growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the audience.

MoU Signing Ceremony between UCYP and Forest Interactive


Writer: Kasmawahida Abdul Wahab

Editor: Suriyani Sulaiman

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