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UCYP Campus Election 2019/2020

Campus Election for the 2019/2020 batch was held on 17th January 2019 at UCYP Gelora Campus. The students involved from both UCYP and KYP were 1742 students in total. The election opened votes on 7 EXCO chairs and 17 Perwakilan chairs for UCYP whereas 4 EXCO chairs and 6 Perwakilan chairs for KYP. The election was conducted for the purpose of appointing new Students Representative Committee (SRC) for UCYP and KYP.

The objective of the election is to fulfill the university college’s requirement in having a student’s council elected with the implementation of Democratic rules. Secondly, to ensure every student involved is given the upper hands and opportunity to choose their leaders within the institution.

The polling process was carried out online using a system developed by the department of Information Management. This method was the carried out for the second time at the institute but with better upgrades and improvement. The method was practiced to ensure a transparent polling process was carried out during the election. The results were also automatically generated thus it fastened the announcement of the final result for the election. Moreover, the polling process guaranteed 0% spoiled votes were included.

The results of the elections were announced at 6.15 pm the same day at the Tanjung Lumpur Residential College. Lives feed on the announcement was also featured on UCYP Official Facebook page and Instagram.

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