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LGBT & Pre-Marital Sex Program

The program was organized by DVC Student Development and Alumni office on 13th February 2019, involving the students of University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP). The main objective of the program is to create awareness among the students about the risks of pre-marital sex and homosexuality. Other than that, the program was held to provide an exposure on the effects of pre-marital sex and homosexuality to the students.

The talk began at 9.00 am, delivered by the invited speaker, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samsul Bin Deraman from the Kuliyyah of Medicine, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

The speaker shared more on the consequences of pre-marital sex and LGBT if the students engaged in such activities. The content of his talk emphasizes further on its effects. The speaker also included some videos and images explaining the impact of these negative activities.

The students obtained a definite clue about the effects of pre-marital sex and homosexuality. Besides, video banners and pictures related to LGBT, also known as initials that stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender were presented to the students which could captivate their attention. In addition, the students gained a lot of information from the talk and will definitely guide to avoid from being involved in such absent activities.

The program then continued with the presentation of souvenirs from the Assistant Manager of Student Affairs Department, Pn. Norhidayah Binti Ibrahim, the UCYP Counselor to the invited speaker.

The program ended with a few light treats.

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