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Leadership Program @ SMK Seri Rasau, Dungun

The program was organized by Guidance and Counseling Unit, University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP). The objectives of the program are to inculcate leadership skills as well as positive and essential values, especially as school leaders. Such program enables the participants to play their roles as leaders more effectively.

The half-day program was carried out on February 24, 2019, involving the participation of SMK Seri Rasau student leaders. The program was also assisted by four UCYP trained facilitators.

Officiated by Dr. Tajuddin bin Ahmad, Director of Dungun District Education Department, the program consisted of a wide range of ice-breaking activities, group activities, and reflections that enhance the students’ confidence level. In addition to that, the program provides them with an optimum expose on building the quality of a profound leader.

Dr. Tajuddin bin Ahmad, Director of Dungun District Education Department and the teachers.

SMK Seri Rasau student leaders involved in the program.

Facilitators from UCYP who assist in the success of the program.

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