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Sambutan Hari Pendidik UCYP & KYP 2019

On 16th May 2019, Sambutan Hari Pendidik UCYP & KYP was successfully organized by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International) office at UCYP Tanjung Lumpur Residential College. This celebration is meant to appreciate the academicians who contributed towards the growth of the university in terms of teaching and learning.

Ten recipients for the Best 2019 Educator Award received some cash and a certificate of appreciation. The selection is based on the evaluation given by both Head of Department and students. Among the criteria are creative, possess critical thinking, provide continuous improvisation for both faculty and university/college level, great personality with zero disciplinary issue.

Educators in this era are facing more challenges as compared before.         “Generation Y requires different approach in teaching and learning. More practical and hands-on activities are encouraged in classes. This kind of approach is recommended for students’ nowadays due to their curiosity and demands”, said the Vice Chancellor of UCYP. He added, we must remember, appreciate and recognize the sacrifices and deeds of our teachers, be it at primary, secondary or tertiary levels.

The brief yet meaningful celebration on 2019 UCYP/KYP Hari Pendidik ended with photo sessions between the faculty members and the Vice Chancellor of UCYP, Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Ahmad Bin Hj. Zainuddin.

Congratulations to all of the recipients for the achievement. May this kind of recognition inspire the blooming of more quality educators!

UCYP & KYP Best Educators 2019

  1. Nurhusna Binti Baharudin (CGPS)
  2. Ahmad Suhaimi Bin Osman (CGPS)
  3. Zafuan Bin Abdul Razak (CGPS)
  4. Kasmawahida Binti Abd Wahab (FOST)
  5. Abdul Hadi Bin Shahra (FOST)
  6. Al Meqdad Ali Ahmed Al Shami (FCH)
  7. Shafawati Atikah Binti Shapiee (FCH)
  8. Kairul Bin Abas (FCH)
  9. Rozita Binti Jusoh (FOM)
  10. Illy Najihah Binti Dato’ Mohad Khazin (FOM)
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