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UCYP Registration Day

UCYP Registration Day was held on 20th May 2019, at Tanjung Lumpur Residential College. As early as 8.30 a.m., a pool of students and parents arrived with a high determination – to commence an exciting journey with a promising future at UCYP. Most of the parents especially from other Pahang districts took the trouble to depart from home as early as after “sahur”.

The processes of the registration went through four (4) check points with the assistance from friendly staff and Student Representative Council (SRC). The students and parents were also briefed on the facilities, services and contacts provided by UCYP throughout the day. The new enrolled students are very fortunate because they will be among the group of students who are going to experience learning at the new UCYP academic building. The building, facing a beautiful lake suggests a tranquil, conducive and refreshing ambience. “With the additional and new infrastructure, it is hope that the students feel much more comfortable, thus enhance the quality of their learning experiences at UCYP”, said Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Ahmad Bin Hj. Zainuddin in his remarks.

The office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Development & Alumni) has conducted thorough sessions to the new students during Student Engagement Programme. The one-week programme equipped the students with important information on academic, sponsorship, accommodation, facilities, grant application, etc.

The registration ended approximately at 4.30 p.m. with a total number of 400 students.  “I always pray for my son’s success and I believe he finds his success here, at UCYP”, said parent, Mansur Bin Mukhtar from Beserah, Kuantan.

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