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UCYP : A Gate to a New World

Our thoughts and emotions linger around the rapid changes happening around us, which lead to more and more conveniences in our daily lives; and at unexpected moment, could also lead to discomfortness! The evolution of technology has not only brought on accessibility, opportunities, closeness, and happiness but also has contributed to a problem, difficulty, disruption and annoyance.

Interconnectedness between technology and education is an undeniable fact in today’s world. Realizing the benefits and the drawbacks that  technology could cause has inspired UCYP to propose a concept of being an adaptive university. Adaptiveness is having the ability to cope with changes, to sustain oneself through those changes and strive to become even better. Even though the world is restricted with boundaries, the ubiquitous of technology rubs the line to become an invisible stroke that allows people to get connected within split seconds.

The interpretation of an educational institution as a factory that creates  a bundle of moulded human beings is dethroned by the concept of adaptiveness; in which UCYP is creating technology savvy graduates that has the capabiltity to move with the changing times and are able to create a society that is advanced in its wellbeing and growth. UCYP is not only looking at the benefits that the society could gain, but also to be able to filter the unnecessaries and to expect the unexpected.

The promise made by UCYP has been supported with  the encouraging numbers of the July intake registration that took place at UCYP main campus, Tanjung Lumpur.  “The organized layout of the registration has made ease of the enrolment steps”, according to a parent – Mior Badli Shah Kamaruzaman, from Balok, Kuantan.

In addition to that, Nan Hun Kee, who enrolled as a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering student highligthed the friendliness of the UCYP staff that reduced his nervousness and affimed his wise choice to study at UCYP, as recommended by his tuition teacher.

Interestingly, a 16 year-old girl, from Sungai Jering who accompanied her brother to register for Diploma in Technology Management expressed her strong will to follow the footsteps of his brother in the future.

The gateway to a promising future as suggested by the UCYP motto – Adaptive Learning: Advancing Educational Innovation rested on a facinating, flexible yet constructive journey embraced by the university for the community around the world.

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