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5th Semester DMI Students Pulled off AISAL 2019 Bowling Tournament Event

Semester 5 students of Diploma in Management (DMI) University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP) who are currently undergoing the Organizing Skills, ASD3123 course successfully organized a 2019 AISAL Bowling Tournament Program on 18th September 2019 which took place in Play Ground No 6 Semambu. The ASD3123 course is a compulsory subject for the DMI program as a training ground to master organizational skills as well as gain new experience in event organization.

The competition was hosted by the professional emcees Yan and Siti, as it managed to intrigue 140 participants who came from Academy of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (AISAL) students and even lecturers from different faculties. This year’s bowling tournament reached its objective to strengthen the relationship among students of all batches as well as the relationship among lecturers and their students.

The tournament, which began at 2.30 pm in the afternoon and ended at 5:30 pm o’clock the same day was officially launched by the Head of School of AISAL, Ustaz Mohd Rashimi bin Mohamed. He also expressed his contentment with the students’ achievement, especially the team who organized this big event at UCYP. “It was impressive to see the efforts made by the students as they worked really hard in completing the paperwork and finding the funders for this year’s tournament,” he was quoted saying after the presentation of appreciation certificate ceremony towards all students contributing in the event.

Project Director, Nur Syafiq, mentioned that the three-month period of organizing this event has turned out to be the most meaningful experience in his life. The value of teamwork as a family, cooperation from the sponsor, and preparation of the paperwork exposed him to the management and administration of a program in a wider aspect. Nur Syafiq, who was seen to be emotional during his speech, said that the end of the program marked the completion of his meaningful journey and he hoped that the friendships they created would last forever. He also thanked the course lecturer, Encik Ahmad Shahnun bin Ibrahim, for his guidance throughout the program.

The Assistant Director of the Program, Nurul Amirah, who was also emotional at the end of the program, acknowledged that the experience working and dealing with the sponsors was one of valuable lessons that can be applied in the real working life they will be facing soon. The ups and downs and the challenges throughout the journey of organising this program were a great lesson for her, as she stated right after receiving the appreciation certificate from the Head of School of AISAL.

The 2019 AISAL Bowling Tournament was won by the Afghanistan Team for male category, and Canada Team for the female category. The first and third runners up received medals and hampers from the organizer. All participants were satisfied with this year’s event arrangement as they were provided with nutritious packs of lunch as well as free snacks during the tournament.

In the closing ceremony, the organizers of 2019 AISAL Bowling Tournament, which consist of 14 students, extended their gratitude to all fellow students and lecturers who participated and spent their time attending the ceremony.

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