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AISAL’S ASLEH BAINANA 2019 Built up The Value of Togetherness Among Students

Kuantan, 21 September, 2019 – Asleh Bainana, or also known as Family Day for the Academy of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (AISAL)  was celebrated merrily after it was last held two years ago. The event took place in Azam Academy with 130 students and lecturers attending the event. At the end of the event, the Pari Team won the overall champion title for AISAL’s Asleh Bainana 2019.

The main objective of AISAL’s Asleh Bainana 2019is to provide a fun opportunity for students and lecturers to strengthen their relationship, to  interact with each other better, and to welcome new students from June 2019 intake.

The program began at 8.30  a.m. until 6  p.m.  the same day. The morning activity started with ‘senamrobik’ where  all the participants were involved. Some dancing steps and exercises were executed to liven up the spirit of the one-day program held in Academy Azam.

Next, the program was continued with more fun games such as broken radio, balloon blowing race, walking pole, dragon ball, ball in cage, mini amazing race, roller tanker, and  water in the bottle. The games and sports were conducted by Reef as an organiser who was very professional in managing all the 130 participants. The sports and games activity ended before noon, where participants were invited to have their lunch as well as performed their dzuhur prayer before the program was brought to its evening activities.

In the evening, seven mighty teams were competing against each other to finish all seven checkpoints within an hour in the ‘Explorace’ game. The race was so intense as all teams were putting their best effort in becoming the overall champion of AISAL’s Asleh Bainana 2019.

The closing ceremony of AISAL’s Asleh Bainana 2019 was inaugurated by AISAL’s Head of School, Encik Mohd Rashimi bin Mohamed at 5.30 pm. The ceremony was enlivened with the Outstanding Students award ceremony for December 2018 – April 2019 with the achievement of CGPA 3.50 and above. As many as 37 students received the award, and all of them felt so grateful to be celebrated in a humble yet meaningful occasion like this.

Muhammad Muzammir Sidek as the program director was reported as saying that Asleh Bainana AISAL 2019 has taught him many aspects of managing and organising a program. He felt that leading his 13 team members has left him with bittersweet memories of the three-month journey in order to ensure the program could be executed successfully. “It was not an easy task, starting from the paperwork, looking for sponsors, up to the day to organise the program. It was very tiring, but it gave me the best experience to get the exposure on how the real working life will be”, as he claimed in his closing speech of the event that day.

For Nurkaiyisah from the Diploma in Executive Secretaryship (DSB) program, the opportunity to take the organizing skills program with her DMI friends has turned into a precious memory. Three months felt so short to be spent with her other teammates whom she already thought of as her younger siblings. While shedding some tears, she hoped that the friendship they have created will last forever, even after graduation.

In the meantime, Putri Nurshaffiera, the assistant director of AISAL’s Asleh Bainana 2019, expressed her enjoyment even it was just a one-day event. For her, the lively atmosphere as well as support from all participants were very positive. Therefore, it is hoped that there will be more annual events such as this in the future as it builds up the bond, friendship, teamwork, and their appreciation towards UCYP.

To conclude, the subject lecturer Encik Ahmad Shahnun bin Ibrahim had also expressed his highest gratitude to his students who had successfully organised the event, and they are Amir, Kimin, Ewan, Haziq, Reef, Azrul, Iriz, Amira, Put, Kakak, Izwa, Anne, Cam, and Feeda. Their determination had brought victory to the program. Besides that, he also expressed his appreciation to all fellow lecturers for coming down to the event to show their support for AISAL’s Asleh Bainana 2019, namely Ustaz Rashimi, Ustazah Nadiah, Ustazah Busyralhuda, Ustazah Razita and Cik Zarifah.

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