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UCYP-FAMA Has Formed a Successful Entrepreneur Students

An event was held for signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between UCYP and Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority, better known as FAMA as well as the launch of the program New Breed Marketing Entrepreneur took place on September 25th at the main campus UCYP, Tanjung Lumpur.

This memorandum of understanding (MoU) event was attended by the vice Chancellor of UCYP, Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Ahmad bin Haji Zainuddin and Pahang State FAMA Director, Tuan Haji Rosli Aw Da.

The collaboration between UCYP and FAMA is seen as an initiative from the UCYP to provide continuous exposure in the pursuit of producing high quality students in academic and with high entrepreneurial value.

The closing ceremony of NEW BREED MARKETING ENTREPRENEUR (NBME) session 2019 was also held. The program is a collaborative program  between UCYP and FAMA that began in June 2019 with students from the Diploma in Marketing, Diploma in Tourism Management and Diploma in Technology Management with 120 students.

is a marketing program run by UCYP students to assist in the promotion and sale of agro-based entrepreneurs’ products based on their own creativity and marketing strategies.

This NBME is a reseller or dropship agent, which is one of the easiest online and small business branches in the world.

As such, the program is aimed at creating entrepreneurs among students while enhancing effective communication skills, marketing strategies and marketing knowledge.

In three months, UCYP students have already made a total of RM 42,017.45.

Three UCYP students were shortlisted as winners of the program, Nur Damia Qistina Rohezat won the first place with a sales value of RM6,987.80, while the second place is Syakila Sofian, with a sales value of RM5,832.40 and the third place winner is Mohd Fitri Azhari for RM3,706.80.

Through its strategic partnerships, it looks to provide UCYP students the best opportunity to explore more entrepreneurial opportunities and experiences. In additional, the students help the agro-based entrepreneurs to promote and increase their product sales.

120 participants from UCYP students who participated in the UCYP-FAMA NBME program took the opportunity to take a picture with the UCYP Vice-Chancellor Prof. Emeritus Dato ‘Dr. Ahmad Haji Zainuddin and Pahang State FAMA Director, Tuan Haji Rosli Aw Da.

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