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DMI Students Successfully Organized ‘Kembara Dakwah dan Jelajah Ilmu 2019’

Kembara Dakwah dan Jelajah Ilmu 2019’ is a field trip organized by the final-year students in the Islamic Management Institution’s (DMI) Diploma program who have taken the Organizing Skills course. There were 43 final-year students and a lecturer on the trip. The trip lasted for three days, that is, from 29 September 2019 until 1 October 2019.

Danny Khalis, the Program Director, when asked about the objectives of the trip, explained that the program was conducted as part of the DMI’s and DFI’s requirement program. It was designed so that final-year students could have their own ‘on the ground’ experience in delivering da’wah towards the target group whilst sympathizing with the homeless and distributing free food to them in the Homeless Transit Centre in Kuala Lumpur. He also said that the trip has managed to achieve its purpose. The Center’s management team as well as the homeless had given their consent and the latter started benefiting from the program on Day 1. The vagrants had also shared some of their life stories and experiences as part of the tentative program. In the meantime, all participating students used the opportunity to hand over brochures and 200 bottles of mango drinks sponsored by ‘ayaqworld’. One of the recipients, Jeff, expressed his utmost gratitude to the sponsoring brand, ‘ayaqworld’, for its generosity in distributing the complimentary beverage and for the fact that its founder, Puan Aisyah binti Kamaruddin, made a contribution to the Center.

The second day of the program consisted of an official visit to the Department of Waqaf, Zakat and Hajj (JAWHAR), Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM), in order to carry out the main objective of the program. Upon the participants’ arrival at JAWHAR, the students received a very friendly greeting by the staff who were assigned to escort them into the discussion room. The discussion began with a welcome speech from JAWHAR’s representative. There was also an acknowledgement from UCYP’s representative for the kind consideration shown by JAWHAR in allowing the students to visit the organization. The dialogue focused on the main purpose of the program, which was to talk about the concept and implementation of the endowment as well as about how it was used to help Muslims in Malaysian society.

Next, on day 2 of the program, the students were brought to the Islamic Art Museum in Kuala Lumpur, where there was an exhibition of around 1,000 genuine artifacts and manuscripts of the ancient Quran from the time of Bani Umayyah. In this Museum, students were also shown the actual process of bookkeeping in the Quran that was used by Muslims back then. Later on, students were brought to the place of the mosque’s dome construction where the history can be seen in every mosque around the world. For instance, the sturdy construction of a mosque in Granada during the time of Bani Umayyah built in the 7th century is a very remarkable example.

At night, students were then brought to Seksyen 7, Bangi, where they were introduced to the production of grilled menu items such as ‘satay’ and ‘BBQ’. These types of food are known to be the signature cuisine for people in Bangi. The whole process of making the food was shown to the students for them to apply if they happened to have the passion and intention to open such a business one day. At the end of the visit, students were served with the delicious and renowned Satay Willy for dinner.

To conclude, the “Kembara Dakwah dan Jelajah Ilmu” trip to Kuala Lumpur this time had given the students a different outlook on da’wah and the approach to be given to the needy. They benefited a lot from this trip. Students were exposed to the industrial chain that might be awaiting them once they graduate. The spokesperson of the organizer, Ain Atikah, hoped that all participants who joined the program would get some benefit and share their experiences with the students who missed the chance to join this year’s program.

The lecturer of the Organizing Skills course, En. Ahmad Shahnun bin Ibrahim, had also expressed his gratitude to the students who had successfully completed the program, which, as he put it, was the best program he had ever participated in so far. At the end of his speech, he mentioned several names: Danny, Ain, Hawa Liana, Jeff, Suu, Abang, Hanis, Anna, Syaheera, Haiyne, Huzai, Adik, Bib, and Amirul, and he thanked them for their effort in ensuring that the field trip program went off without a hitch. He also wished the final-year students the best of luck, for they will be undergoing their industrial training next semester.



Ahmad Shahnun bin Ibrahim
Head of Program
Academy of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language
Faculty of Creative Art and Human Development

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