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Mock Interview: In Preparing for The Career

A Mock Interview session for UCYP students was organized by UCYP Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry Linkages and Research Development) Office at the Tutorial Room, UCYP Main Campus, Tanjung Lumpur on 15th February 2020.

The mock interview session were participated by 200 UCYP students who are about to go for their industrial training in the next semester and also lecturers who were appointed as the panelists for the mock interview.

The mock interview was organized as a means to provide the students with the necessary knowledge regarding interviews. It is also to prepare them for the real interview sessions when they are applying for an internship at a company. This program also exposed the students to the requirements needed in an interview, effective two way communication, interviewing tips and ethics. These interview aspects are crucial in determining the success of tackling an interview and landing the desired job in the future. In addition, the program ensures the students are physically and mentally ready.

The Mock Interview session was divided into three (3) sessions which started at 8:30a.m to 12:30p.m. The students were interviewed by two panelists who are among the lecturers from different faculties. The mock interview took place in tutorial rooms that are designed to emulate a real interview to give a sense of immersion for the students so that they can anticipate a better outcome in future interviews. This was certainly an effective and efficient way to prepare the students for the upcoming interview.

This type of program is hoped to boost the students’ confidence in handling interview aspects such as giving relevant answers to interview questions while keeping composed throughout the interview. This will provide an essential first impression to their future employee, thus increasing the chance to get hired. To end the program, the students who participated in the program were given certificates.

Written by Wan Muhammad Safuan bin W Ab Rahman

Mock Interview Program Facilitators

Registration session

Participants of the mock interview

Mock interview in session

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