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UCYP was formerly known as Institut Kemajuan Ikhtisas Pahang (IKIP), which is a higher learning institution that was established since 1992. UCYP has become the catalyst for innovation and is well known as An Adaptive University.  

March 12, 2020, denoted UCYP’s 28th year as an educational institution. To celebrate its contribution towards society and to appreciate the people who have gone through blood, sweat, and tears with the institution, UCYP created two (2) competitions that are called Me & 28 Celebration, and We are One.

For the Me & 28 Celebration contest, participants will have to upload photos or videos with their memorabilia, such as shirts, plaque awards or experiences that depict the journey and memories with the institution.

While the We are One contest requires participants to upload photos of themselves alongside a creative caption that represents UCYP’s memories, feelings, and ties.

Both contests are open to all who want to share their memories or journey as UCYP’s employees, students, and even alumni. The closing date for both of the contest falls on April 12, 2020. Participants are inquired to upload their photos to their social media accounts using the # UCYP28 and tag one of UCYP’s social media accounts as below:

Instagram: ucyp.malaysia 

Facebook: UCYP.Malaysia 

Twitter: UCYP_Malaysia

Spanning 28 years of the establishment of UCYP, March 12, 1992, saw the first step of the institution where they offered various short-term courses such as ACCA, LCCI, ABE, and IAW.

Different endeavors have been made to upgrade the services of carefully planned education so as to guarantee that the education agenda on the east coast continues to grow as it does in other countries.

UCYP’s (IKIP) efforts at that time began to bear fruit after successfully working with several overseas and local universities such as Napier University, Yarmouk University Jordan, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Even the close ties between Yarmouk University Jordan, UTM, and UiTM have remained intact to this day.

Beginning from Institut Kemajuan Ikhtisas Pahang (IKIP), the institution has undergone several branding transformations, including Kolej IKIP, IKIP International College, Kolej Yayasan Pahang and in 2018, the institution had again made its remarkable history when it was upgraded as a University College known as UCYP or University College of Yayasan Pahang.

With extensive and broad experience in education, UCYP currently has 15 diploma programs, seven (7) bachelor programs, and one (1) master program.

28 years of dominating the education world on the east coast, UCYP is now aggressively pursuing a global brand of education, and UCYP is now seen active in working with numerous government institutions and corporate bodies as well as a series of collaborative visits between Malaysia and China in order to uplift the brand of local education.

Despite reaching 28 years of service, UCYP continues to move forward in its quest for a global education agenda to support UCYP’s vision of excelling as an adaptive university and producing outstanding graduates.

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