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UCYP and KYP have held the first Virtual Convocation Ceremony in Malaysia with the UCYP Chancellor. The first session has started on 9th October at UCYP Main Campus, Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan Pahang.

This simple but meaningful ceremony has received positive responses from both graduates and parents who are definitely looking forward for this momentous event.

According to the UCYP Registrar, Encik Jalaluddin Abdullah, UCYP & KYP Virtual Convo Committee have come out with the best planning to ensure the program runs smoothly and most importantly, comply with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

“UCYP has received a total of 463 slot bookings through the official convocation website, and this clearly shows that graduates and parents are able to accept the new norms of such ceremonies”.

He added that the graduates who agree to attend this Virtual Convocation  must register and choose the appointment time as set and only a maximum of 50 graduates a day are allowed to attend the ceremony on the given date.

Explaining all the preparations for this event, the Head of Program who is also the Vice President of Branding and Corporate Communication of UCYP, Puan Suhaila Haji Mukhtar said, graduates and families are required to scan My Sejahtera code and body temperature will be screened. This is important to ensure that graduates and families are free from COVID-19 symptoms before entering the main compound of the ceremony.

Each graduate will be given 15 minutes to be at UCYP campus area including wearing of robes, photo sessions for graduates and families, collection of transcripts and ready printed photos as well as collection of souvenirs that have been pre-ordered”.

She added that the management of UCYP has also agreed to conduct three (3) convocation sessions starting October 9 until October 25, 2020.


According to one of the graduates from UCYP Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Norshamra Soleha binti Ahmad Tarmizi, I’m glad that I’m present today. I can feel the convocation aura even though it’s virtual! The new campus is so beautiful and I’m so proud to be UCYP student.”

Meanwhile, Danial Abdullah,      the father to one of the graduates also praised the smooth flow of the convocation ceremony. “Congratulations to UCYP for organizing this convocation ceremony smoothly and most importantly according to the SOPs”, he stated.

Apart from that, one of the graduate’s mother shared her experience through a Facebook post that praised the preparation made by the university.


Congratulations to the graduates and the staff for making sure that this new norm convocation ceremony goes as planned.

Photo session using green screen  

Graduate’s parents are required to scan My Sejahtera code before being allowed to enter the main compound.

Trying giving the best look for UCYP & KYP graduates 

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