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A special session for outstanding student awards in conjunction with the UCYP and KYP virtual convocation ceremony was held at Aqua Crystal Hall, Main Campus, UCYP Tanjung Lumpur.

The special session was to appreciate the success of 12 UCYP and KYP graduates who performed excellently both in their academic and non-academic fields.

Although it was celebrated in a very simple manner, due to the precautions against COVID-19, the ceremony glows from cheerful faces shone by the proud graduates and parents.

The recipient of Tuanku Chancellor of UCYP Award, Nurfatinhani Muhamad Riduan from Diploma in Early Childhood Education expressed her gratefulness.  She is now continuing her studies in Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at UCYP. According to Fatinhani, her interest in childcare is one of the reasons for her outstanding performance. In fact, she also plans to open a special needs nursery because she intends to polish the potential in all special needs children. They have special talents and skills, just like us. They also have rights to benefit from their surroundings. Time and patience will unleash their talents.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Amirul Amrin bin Mohd Othman, a graduate of Diploma in Technology Management, brought home the Chief Minister of Excellence Leadership Award. Currently, Amirul holds the position as the Medical Health Assistant at IIUM Eye Specialist Clinic, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan Campus.

He is not only a hope to his parents, he is also a great volunteer for   community activities. He holds several club positions, such as the President of UCYP Volunteer Club, Student Development Club as well as Healthy Student Program Club (PROSIS).

Not only active at the institutional level, but he also holds several positions in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as in the Pahang Islamic Students Association (IKATAN). He supervises many programs especially from the youth to community in Pahang.

Meanwhile, UCYP Board Governors Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Professor Dr. Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur said, excellent students are examples to society, thus, knowledge and personality are among the important aspects in life. Serve back to your parents and community around you. “Those are ways to appreciate the sacrifices made for you in terms of time, money and tears,” she added.

In addition to that, the Vice Chancellor of UCYP, Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr Ahmad Bin Hj. Zainuddin in his speech congratulated the graduates and highlighted the fact that they are encouraged to equip themselves with predictive and adaptive skills so that they are able to face the coming challenges at the workplace.

The full list of UCYP and KYP award recipients and excellence awards is as follow

Tuanku Canselor UCYP Award
No. Name Programme
1 Nur Fatinhani binti Muhamad Riduan Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Anugerah Kepimpinan Menteri Besar

No. Name Programme
1 Mohammad Amirul Amrin bin Mohd Othman Diploma in Technology Management


 Hadiah Kecemerlangan Akademik Yayasan Pahang
No. Name Programme
1 Haziman bin Zakaria Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2 Nurul Shahira binti Radzuan Bachelor of Shari’a (Economic & Islamic Banking)
3 Janagy a/p Muniandy Diploma in Accountancy
4 Nor Hikmah binti Rozaini Diploma in Early Childhood Education


No. Name Programme
5 Nur Kamelia Sari binti Zamri Diploma in Islamic Institution Management
6  Lee Weng Yew Diploma in Computer Science (Information Technology)
7 Nur Syahirah binti Mohd Asri Diploma in Journalism


Managing Director Excellence Leadership Award
No. Name Programme
1 Arish Afi Bin Muhammad Azirul Aridi Diploma in Art & Design  (Graphics& Multimedia Design)


Hadiah Kecemerlangan Akademik Yayasan Pahang
No. Name Programme
1 Muhammad Hasnul Hazim Bin Mohd Fian Diploma in Plantation Industry Management
2 Ilicia Tan Ka Yee Diploma in Art & Design  (Graphics& Multimedia Design)


Nurfatinhani virtual photo with Tuanku Chancellor of UCYP

From left: Amirul Amrin, Nurfatinhani, dan Arish Afi

Special awards session was held at the Aqua Crystal Hall, UCYP Main Campus, Tanjung Lumpur

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