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10 December 2020

The organization of the 4th International Post Graduate Research Conference 2020 (IPRC) has proven that relations as an allied country can be strengthened by organizing academic program.

Through the zoom platform, UCYP in collaboration with Southeast Asia Academic Mobility (SEAAM) themed ‘Education and Technology Application: Experiences, Practices, and Adaptation from Disaster and Covid-19’.

The two-day conference received 200 participation and involved 12 higher education institutions in Southeast Asia. This shows that academic programs can also strengthen the relationship and even empower the visibility of the UCYP brand in the region.

UCYP Vice Chancellor, Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Ahmad bin Haji Zainuddin through his keynote address, the development of new technologies has created new relationships between teachers and students, and even stressed the importance of creating a new learning environment as a production of adaptive and up-to-date methods in line with the concepts and images implemented by UCYP.

The method of conveying knowledge at this time has changed from the traditional method of learning in the lecture room to up-to-date methods that better apply technological elements such as online classes, – he added.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of SEAAM, Dr. Ismail Suardi Wekke was also invited to deliver his keynote address on the first day of the 4th International Post Graduate Research Conference 2020 (IPRC).

Four (4) invited speakers presented their insights on their respective areas. Among those involved were Dr. Agus Pahrudin (UIN Raden Intan Lampung, Indonesia), Dr. Ruzita Manshor (UCYP, Malaysia), Dr. H. Surahman Amin (IAIN Sorong, Indonesia), and Dr. Suraiya Chapakiya (Fatoni University, Thailand).

The program was divided into two (2) paper presentation sessions with a total of 12 research papers from three (3) countries that are Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

UCYP Research Management Centre Manager, Dedi Sanjaya presented a sharing on A Guide To Getting Published In Reputable International Journals and Dr. Syafrimen Syafril (UIN Raden Intan Lampung) also shared knowledge related to How To Write An Article For High Impact Journal on the second day. The sharing session provided beneficial guidelines and tips related to journal publishing and writing.

From the closing remarks delivered by the Vice Chancellor of UCYP, he hoped that many more academic programs at the international level could be organized by UCYP through regional and global collaboration.

“The current spread of the COVID-19 pandemic urges all parties to quickly adapt to the rapid development of technology and the pandemic environment that is plaguing the world. Therefore, change is a very important thing in a disruptive environment. So this is a demand for us to innovate in order to find new solutions and methods to stay competitive even in disruptive situations. In addition, the current development of technology gives a positive impact and helps to generate a more effective education system according to the needs of teaching and learning”, he added.

UCYP Vice Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr. Ahmad bin Haji Zainuddin presented a welcoming remarks and the President of SEAAM, Dr. Ismail Suardi Wekke is the keynote speaker for the 4th IPRC 2020.

Moderating the conference is the Vice President of Branding & Corporate Communication, Suhaila Hj. Mukhtar and among the invited speakers are Dr. H. Surahman Amin and Asst. Prof. Dr. Ruzita Manshor.

Online photo session before the program ends

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