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First FSEA Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Project

First of all, my appreciation goes to Madam Suhaila Mukhtar who invited me and my friend, Pradeban A/L Mahinthan joining this Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project. It was a collaborative project between University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP) and Kansai University, Japan (KU) that was held on 8, 9 and 10 February 2021.

What was it all about? UMP-UCYP-KU COIL project is an international sharing platform that meets non-native speakers of English from all around the world to discuss issues on globalization.

We decided to join this program because this is the best chance for us to expand our networking with friends from abroad. Our team consisted of four (4) participants; two from UCYP and two from UMP (Johan and Ezahan). Meanwhile, there were three participants from Kansai University and they are Saiwaki Mayu, Hayashi Ryosuke, and Wang Shuo Wei. Our task was to talk about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There were three-day of live synchronous online sessions and on the first day, the coordinator that is Professor Keiko Ikeda, divided us into breakout rooms. We got the chance to engage in a short conversation and introducing each other. Wang Shuo Wei was my partner and he is 19 years old, originated from the People’s Republic of China. He has been studying in Japan for four years, majoring in computer science. After that, we talked about the lifestyle in Japan and also the pandemic that made him stranded in Japan and missed Lunar New Year celebration in China. Before leaving the breakout room, we exchanged our WeChat contact number so that we can continue our conversations later.

On the second day of the live session, we received a complete task that was to identify at least three (3) related or familiar SDGs and generate a world or local social issue that is most relevant to the chosen goals. So, again we were sent into a breakout room to discuss on the SDGs. Surprisingly, we shared the same view about the topic – both of us thought that quality education is the main section that we are going to talk about, followed by zero hunger and life on land. We listened to each other idea and voiced out our opinions. Due to the same thought, we found that the presentation preparation slide was smooth and easy.

On the third day, Wang and I were the first pair to present. The courage to present was gathered from our motivated texts via our WeChat. During the presentation, I felt that his view on the SDGs were very clear, and the way he presented his opinion was really well. During my turn, I felt quite nervous because that was the first time I presented in a formal manner. But, I guessed, mine was not that bad.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Faculty of Science, Engineering and Agro-technology (FSEA) for allowing me and my friend joining this UMP-UCYP-KU COIL project. The topic on SDG is an eye-opening for me and made me aware of our part and responsibilities in realizing the global agenda. Last but not least, I wish Wang Shuo Wei have a good Lunar New Year celebration in Japan with his beloved family and friends. I hope that this pandemic can pass quickly so that everyone is safe and healthy and I wish to study in Japan, one fine day!

Written by,
Lee Weng Yew
Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE),
Faculty of Science, Engineering & Agro-technology (FSEA)

(Day 1 – end of ice breaking session)

(Day 2 – Discussion session)

(Day 3 – First Presentation)

(Day 3 – Second Presentation)

(Day 3 – Third Presentation)

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