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Academy of Islamic Studies & Arabic Language

Although Arabic is not our first or second language in Malaysia, the need for specialists with advanced proficiency in Arabic has never been greater or more compelling. Arabic is the native language of over 200 million people worldwide in 20 different countries, as well as the liturgical language for over a billion Muslims.

Malaysia is sending many students to Arabic-speaking countries  to further their course in Islamic related studies. Therefore, Arabic language is a must for them to master first before they can master their studies and obtaijn their diplomas.

This academy offers Islamic-related studies that are currently in demand in Malaysia, and we offer a preparatory Arabic course.

  • Diploma in Islamic Institution Management
  • Diploma in Islamic Finance
  • Bachelor of Sharia’ (Economic & Islamic Banking) in collaboration with University of Yarmouk, Jordan
  • Bachelor of Sharia’ (Fiq & Usul) in collaboration with University of Yarmouk, Jordan
  • Degree of Islamic Science Social (Da’awah & Management) in collaboration with Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Indonesia
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