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Centre of General Studies – CGS

Centre of General Studies (CGS) was established in March 2014.  CGS comprises of eighteen (18) competent teaching staff that possess qualifications in PhD, Masters’ and Bachelors’ degree with more than 10 years of teaching experience. The Centre of General Studies has three departments namely Department of Modern Language, Department of Social Sciences and Department of Mathematics and Science.

CGS is committed in carrying out English Enhancement Programs for Kolej Yayasan Pahang staff and students in order to enhance the use of English language. The program conducted with Brighton Education is one of the initiatives to elevate the English proficiency among the academic staff, while various activities are carried out for the students and the non-academic staff. The English Enhancement Programs comprise of exciting activities such as English Day, English Week and English Camp. All of these activities are conducted regularly as to encourage and to enhance the use of English language.

The ultimate vision of CGS is to produce knowledgeable graduates with high critical thinking and proficient in English language; thus competitive in the market.

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