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Diploma Programmes


University College of Yayasan Pahang unique holistic approach combines relevant technical and practical skills with business know-how. Through our diploma programmes, students will be trained to solve real-life issues, be exposed to on-the-job experiences and be equipped with the basics in operating a profitable business - all of which will make them highly employable graduates.

Courses Offered

Diploma in Marketing R2/342/4/0109
Diploma in Technology Management in collaboration with UTM R2/345/4/ 0016
Diploma in Executive Secretaryship R/346/4/0026
Diploma in Accountancy R2/344/4/0016
Diploma in Tourism Management R/812/4/0086
Diploma in Adventure Tourism MQA/PA12190
Diploma in Maintenance Management N/582/4/0033
Diploma in Civil Engineering (Collaboration with UTM) R2/526/4/ 0002
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Collaboration with UTM) R2/521/4/ 0008
Diploma in Software Engineering N/481/4/0814
Diploma in Computer Science (Information Technology) (Collaboration with UTM) R/481/4/ 0754
Diploma in Islamic Finance R2/343/4/0046
Diploma in Islamic Institution Management R2/345/4/ 0985
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