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Agriculture cluster has been identified as the key contributors to the economic growth of East Coast Economic Region (ECER). Agriculture has become a field vibrant with effective innovations, thanks to a growing number of young techie minds that make it happens.

Although KYP is the youngest among the others, we are highly committed to contribute to the modernization of this cluster. Our tissue culture laboratories can produce a large number of plants in a short duration compared with traditional methods. Knowledgeable farmers with new agriculture methods and with the use of high-technology farming methods will increase the productivity and the income of the farmer. The course offered is designed to produce graduates that are highly knowledgeable with precision farming skills through the use of technology.

Upcoming Programme

  • Bachelor in Plantation Industry Management


Fruit Vegetable Cultivation (Polybeg)

Conventional Production Composting

Green Earth Campaign

Road to MAHA Pahang

Booths And Sales Activities

Collaboration With Universiti Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia

Any inquiries regarding FAGRO, please contact:

Zahidah binti Ab Razak
Dean Faculty of Agrotechnology
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 019-3782438

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